How To Find Zip Code Extensions

A ZIP code extension, commonly known as ZIP+4, is an extra four-digit number added to the standard 5-digit ZIP code. It provides a specific location within a ZIP code, such as a particular building or apartment within a complex.

ZipCode Map of Houston TX
Houston ZipCode Map

To find the ZIP code extension for a specific address:

USPS Lookup Tool:

Address Verification Services:

  • Various online services offer address verification, which includes the ZIP+4 code. Some of these are commercial services that might be useful for businesses with higher volumes of addresses to verify.

Physical Mail:

  • Check any official mail (like utility bills, bank statements, or governmental correspondence) you’ve received at the address. The ZIP+4 might be used on these.

Ask Local Post Office:

  • Your local post office can provide the ZIP+4 if you provide them with the full address. They might have directories or databases that contain this detailed information.

Remember, while the ZIP+4 code offers more precise information about an address’s location, the standard 5-digit ZIP code is sufficient in most everyday situations. The ZIP+4 is often used by businesses, mail services, and certain governmental bodies for more specific sorting and delivery purposes.

Phoenix AZ Zip Code Map in Zones
Phoenix Zip Code Map in Zones

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